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The New Normal for Small Businesses

The New Normal for Small Businesses

None of us expected this pandemic to be as bad as it is right now. Many of us are even guilty of not taking it seriously despite earlier warnings. Things are starting to pick up the pace but we need to address the changes this virus has forced upon small scale businesses.

A year ago, stores could accept as many people as they can fit into their stores, but with social distancing and the risk of spreading infection, they are now limited to 2 -5 at a time. This can result in lower sales and lower profits. In fact, many employees of smaller businesses have been laid off due to the economic impact of this virus.

As unemployment rises, so do petty crimes. Let Fields Protective Services, LLC. help keep you, your assets, and your employees safe at this trying time. We’ll provide you with seasoned security officers in New York.

Even transporting goods can be difficult and risky as a few individuals have decided to take advantage of the chaos around them. Investing in quality security services in Brooklyn, New York will be the best option in this case.

We are here to provide you with a means of safety during this global pandemic. You’ll find services such as concierge services, plainclothes security officers, and executive protection.

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